In this week~I finished the assignment which the Assoc Prof Dr Kamisah Osman gave to us.

To Find one (1) journal article about the teaching of thinking skills in language teaching

After finding the article, you need to reflect all the procedures that you have employed in the process of finding the article

I thought it is so easy, but the reality proves that I was wrong, the article is hard to find and the procedures are difficult to reflect… I was searching in the library for the whole 16th Jan… the reflection took 1 night of mine either…

But finally I got the reason why the Lecturer give this task to us , form those procedures that I have employed in the process of finding the article, they could reflect the Critical thinking skills used when I solve problem. so that we can benefit from this task~ also can learn this course effectively.

Reflection 2

bloom\'s taxonomy

The picture above is bloom’s taxonomyBenjamin Bloom 1965it is a theory which leaves me a deep impression, and it is also a theory makes me surprise, I found a lot of things from it.

The bloom’s taxonomy was overthrowed by Anderson & Krathwohl, and it was renamed Bloom’s revised taxonomy in 2001.

Just look at that! 1956-2001, 45 years, if a theory has a life, it already lives for 45 years! A good theory is not just last that long and it is the guideline when the most of the country in the world develop their Learning Objectives.

The Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy wasn’t revised so much; Anderson & Krathwohl just changed the sequence of the first two stages by using the verbs, more focus on the students themselves.

Reflection 3


Cognitive Theory

A good teacher should teach his students new knowledge refer to the Long Term Memory, so that the students will be able to understand it well, and launch their short term memory, then they could put the new knowledge into their long term memory, so that the theory which is in the long term memory can be used very actively.

Reflection 4

DR kamisah

The last second week we present our Micro teaching which is applying the infusion approach. Actually it is our teammate Betty’s work; we just discuss what the infusion approach is. Although we read up the article about the 3 methods of teaching thinking skills, we still didn’t know what the infusion approach is, so we called Dr Kamisah and made appointment with her; Dr Kamisah came on time even she got a supervisor job, and explain what the infusion is very clearly. Thanks Dr~ Terima kasih Dr!

Reflection 5

We never expect that~ just do a questionnaire after then we can get some small gift such as a chocolate and a soybean milk! But today it truly happened! Today it is our last lecture with Dr. Rossein, she asks us to do a questionnaire in order to help her with her research. We are willing to do that! The questionnaire seems like a investigation form, Dr. Rossein aims to investigate the learner which with her E-learning, I think the blog is useful for us!



  1. finally, you finish your perfect reflections!

  2. yep~ finally~
    I know you also did a great job~ didn’t you?

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