Factors Affecting Language Learning Strategy Use

  1. Gender – very limited studies have been carried out to find out the relationship between choices of LLS and gender. Studies from Politzer (1983), Oxford et al (1989) and Mohamed Amin Embi (1996) show that female students employ a wider range of LLS than male students.
  2. Motivation – It is still unclear which motivation affects LLS choice significantly or how motivation affects LLS choice.
  3. Career Orientation – research findings show that the field of specialisation and career choice can affect learners’ LLS choices very much.
  4. Personality – research findings too show that personality does affect students’ LLS choices significantly.
  5. Teaching Methods – It is concluded that the students’ LLS choices changed according to the teaching method.
  6. Cultural Background – cultural background are important factors that affect learners’ LLS choices.
  7. Age – age can effect the learners’ LLS choices. Bialystok (1981) found that older students employed LLS more frequent. Oxford & Nyikos (1989) found that the longer years learners study second/foreign, the more they choose LLS.
  8. Tasks – tasks given to learners in the class can influence learners’ choices as well as the teaching method.

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