In this week~I finished the assignment which the Assoc Prof Dr Kamisah Osman gave to us.

To Find one (1) journal article about the teaching of thinking skills in language teaching

After finding the article, you need to reflect all the procedures that you have employed in the process of finding the article

I thought it is so easy, but the reality proves that I was wrong, the article is hard to find and the procedures are difficult to reflect… I was searching in the library for the whole 16th Jan… the reflection took 1 night of mine either…

But finally I got the reason why the Lecturer give this task to us , form those procedures that I have employed in the process of finding the article, they could reflect the Critical thinking skills used when I solve problem. so that we can benefit from this task~ also can learn this course effectively.



  1. At this age of technology, you can easily find a good journal online. It would save you time but sure it would be good to search it manually in the library because the library only subscribe to good journals. Then you do not have to decide which journal is good.

    BTW, i have made a few comments in you profiles but it still awaiting your moderation. This is because i made the comments before you set the comments setting to no moderation.

    What you can do now is to go back to your dashboard, select awaiting moderation or comments and click approve.

  2. Thank you, Dr Rosseni, you ‘ve written a great comment for me~
    Yes, I can easily find a good online journal which is contain a great number information which can help m e to finish my assignments, and it is also what i did, but you know~ sometimes it is not easy to get a good online journal, everytime i found a good academic article which is very important to my assignments, the system always ask me to register to be a member, even some of those articles are not free! last time a online journal website ask me to pay 20 us dollars to have the permission to download this article, it almost makes me grazy!

    And i receive a e mail from the wordpress ,it said I have several unprove comments, and i did it as instruction.
    thank you~

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