Posted by: gaoyuan8737 | May 14, 2008

Reflection 2

bloom\'s taxonomy

The picture above is bloom’s taxonomyBenjamin Bloom 1965it is a theory which leaves me a deep impression, and it is also a theory makes me surprise, I found a lot of things from it.

The bloom’s taxonomy was overthrowed by Anderson & Krathwohl, and it was renamed Bloom’s revised taxonomy in 2001.

Just look at that! 1956-2001, 45 years, if a theory has a life, it already lives for 45 years! A good theory is not just last that long and it is the guideline when the most of the country in the world develop their Learning Objectives.

The Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy wasn’t revised so much; Anderson & Krathwohl just changed the sequence of the first two stages by using the verbs, more focus on the students themselves.


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