Posted by: gaoyuan8737 | February 10, 2008

just a article about myself


In the course GA2143 critical thinking skills in education the lecturer asked me to write a article about myself. so I am doing it now.I am Gao Yuan, and I also have a English name Eric.My homtown is a large city in the shannxi province– XI’AN. It is a historical city of China.

This course aims to train students to be able to a lot of skills of thinking, that can help us to solve a lot of problems.



  1. Eric!

  2. hi~dear friend,

    once i see this blog, i know it is yours.

    it is your style!!! i know that you like ipod very


    haha~isn’t it???

    make more detials…it will become excellent~

  3. Very cute picture you got there 😀

  4. Thanks Vim, thanks for you coming and your comments
    that cute picture was taken in Langkawei , that is a wonderful place~! I’ve never been to seas before~!

  5. Thank you , Betty~ I know that is you~
    you always know what i am thinking~!
    I will add more information in my blog~!
    thank you for your suggestion.

  6. thank you star~ thanks for you coming and your comment~

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